Tigers on Max's Registration and Tryouts are closed for the 2017/2018 Season.


Children must be between ages 7-13 as of December 31, 2017.

All participants who were enrolled in the preceding season's program will automatically be eligible to enroll in the current year.

All other new potential participants, drawn in the Lottery (if required) for the 2017/2018 Season, must be evaluated for program compatibility through a Ski Tryout process unless they have participated in another Alyeska Ski Club Program or Mini-Mites previously. Potential new participants need to be registered through the Ski Club Pro pre-registration process - Registration will open 10/1/2017 for the month – Please watch the AMM Website or Alyeska Ski Club Website for links and directions for registration. From this registration pool the system will draw participants based on our Lottery Process and these families will be notified to attend the Mighty Mite Tryouts.

New Participant Lottery Draw Process:

Given the popularity of this program we have had to institute a maximum capacity to preserve the program’s quality. Based on management of ski races, free skiing, and volunteer coaches, we have determined 200 participants is an appropriate cap. The Alyeska Ski Resort also requested we institute a cap of 200.

If we have more than 200 interested applicants we will institute a Lottery Process for new AMM participants. The intent of the process is to provide transparency, support family involvement, encourage coaching commitments and ensure we maximize the program capacity. Children must be between ages 7-13 as of December 31, 2017.

The following is the priority group status for drawing new potential participants:

New potential participants not drawn in the Lottery Process will be encouraged to participate in other ASC programs.

If a new potential participant does not meet the ski tryout requirements, another participant will be randomly drawn pursuant to the above priority group status and notified by email to attend Tryouts.


All potential Mighty Mites who have not been enrolled previously in Mighty Mites, another ASC Ski Program or Mini-Mites are required to try out for the program. All potential participants are required to register as a New Participant for Mighty Mites through the Ski Club Zone 4 system.

The Mighty Mite coaches will hold tryouts in December for all registered new potential participants. The coaches will evaluate the participant’s basic skills and will provide parents feedback on their child’s current capability. Coaches will either recommend qualification into the Mighty Mite Program and group placement, or they will recommend more skiing, lessons, or other programs to develop the necessary basic skills.

Ski Tryouts are mandatory for first time Mighty Mites unless they have skied in another ASC Program or Mini-Mites, regardless of skier age or ability.  
The skills required for the Mighty Mite Tryouts are:


Tryout Date:

The Primary contact listed in the New Participant Registration will be emailed a notification once snow conditions are known and dates/locations finalized.

Mighty Mite Coach Review: At the end of the day, a Mighty Mite coach will meet with you in the RTC to provide an assessment. If your child has mastered all of the skills listed above, then he will be recommended to join a group within Mighty Mites and can begin the following Sunday.  Once new participants pass the evaluation process they will be notified to complete their child’s registration and pay the program fees in Zone 4.

In the event your child is close to mastering the skills, but needs a few more days of skiing under his belt, the recommendation may be that he/she enrolls for lessons with the Mountain Learning Center, or skis with his parents, and then try’s out again later in December. There is no limit on the number of times your child may try out, dependent upon recommendation from the Program Director or Head Coach for potential skier capability.

Further Questions: You may email Mighty Mite Program Director, Roberta Carney (, if you have any further questions.