Once your athlete is registered in Zone 4 your contact information will be uploaded to our new team management, communications, and calendaring platform, Team Snap. When you see your first email from Team Snap, upload the app, accept the invitation and make any changes necessary to your athlete’s profile. Two extremely useful features include text and email alerts for schedule reminders and changes, plus you can set up your account so the calendar is exported directly to your personal calendar!

We will assess the need to use our Lottery System for new participants once we determine how many returning athletes we have and how many new participants register. A message will be sent to the contacts listed for new participants regarding the Lottery and Tryout Process following the closure of registration on October 31st.

Program Offerings 2017-18 Season:

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites + Devos

Mighty Mite Lottery Process for New Participants

This season we will continue our lottery process for new AMM participants. The intent of the process is to provide transparency, support family involvement, encourage coaching commitments and ensure we maximize the program capacity. This means that all new participants will be able to register online anytime during the open registration period. After the registration period the system will provide us a priority of new applicants to place into try-outs. Once a participant passes try-outs the parent will be given the opportunity to complete the registration process online. The 2015-2016 Mighty Mite season was the debut of the Lottery System and we are happy to report all new athletes that registered were able to join the program based on space availability caused by graduating athletes. Hopefully this will occur again this season but if not we will use our Lottery System to ensure fair placement of new athletes.

For more information about the lottery process, click here.