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There are many ways to achieve success in Mighty Mites. Winning races is one way. Skiing with your group every Sunday, rain or shine, is another way. Skiers demonstrating a full season of dedication by skiing morning and afternoon, each and every training or race day, will earn a plaque at the end of the season for perfect attendance.

Also, overall season trophies are awarded based on race results together with attendance points. Skiers can receive one attendance point for the morning and one attendance point for the afternoon. Here’s how to make sure that skiers receive their points:

1. Mighty Mites should meet their group on time in the morning and afternoon
2. If a Mighty Mite loses his/her group on the mountain, there are two ways to keep your attendance points:
a. If he/she knows which chair his group is skiing on, wait at the bottom of the lift to rejoin the group, otherwise go to the RTC.
b. Find another group to ski with and tell his/her coach who he/she skied with.
3. Always ski where the group is heading. Never ski off by him/herself and hope the group will follow.
4. Review Master attendance online and provide feedback online on any potential errors.

NOTE: The only deviation for attendance is participation in another non-Mighty Mite Race or Alyeska Ski Club Event with pre-approval and confirmation of participation. Attendance will be awarded as if the athlete attended the Mighty Mite session.


Skiers should be ready to ski at 10:45 am each Sunday. We ski in rain, snow or shine if at least the lower mountain lifts are in operation. Skiers MUST check in with their coach in the morning and the afternoon to obtain one attendance point for each session (for a total of two points per day).


Generally, Mighty Mites is over for the day between 3:15 – 3:30 p.m. Coaches will release their Mighty Mites at the RTC. We ask that you meet the skiers at this time to make sure that they have come off the mountain safely.

Attendance Records

Attendance is a critical component of the Mighty Mite Program. Our recreational program is designed to teach ski racing. A critical component of racing is simply showing up and putting in the time to train. Therefore, athletes are awarded attendance points that are of significant value to end of season awards. Given a tie in award placement the athlete with the higher attendance wins the award. This teaches commitment and perseverance while giving all athletes a chance at placement in the season awards.

Please review your children’s attendance records frequently and send a message to the Program Director with any errors. Coaches will be contacted for verification if possible and you will be notified of any adjustments.