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Special Annual Trophies awarded each season to a deserving female and male athlete. Records captured below that are engraved on our traveling trophies displayed in the Race Training Center. These special awards have been given out for decades!

Tanaka Trophy

Tanaka Trophy

Awarded to the boy and girl that exemplify excellence in sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is marked by a positive attitude no matter the weather or conditions, encouragement given to fellow racers, helpfulness to coaches and volunteers, politeness, and respectfulness of authority

2021-2022 Tanaka Trophy

Kaitlyn Walker
Andreas Ovod-Everett

2020-2021 Tanaka Trophy

Chelsea Eldridge
Grant Eldridge

2019-2020 Tanaka Trophy

Nichole Walker
Owen Severson

2018-2019 Tanaka Trophy

Spencer Hemry
Savannah Willis

2017-2018 Tanaka Trophy

Katie Reinbold
Colton Merriner

2016-2017 Tanaka Trophy

Taylor Hartman
Cole Flower

2015-2016 Tanaka Trophy

Avery Collins
Will Hubbell

2014-2015 Tanaka Trophy

Kintla Penn
James Reinbold

2013-2014 Tanaka Trophy

Lexi Patten
William Wrigley

2012-2013 Tanaka Trophy

Talia Halverson
Simon Keffalos

2011-2012 Tanaka Trophy

Jenevia Wika
Hunter Eid

Most Improved

Most Improved

The most improved award goes to the Mighty Mite boy and girl who have shown the most improvement for the year.

2021-2022 Most Improved

Rosalie Burke-Brandstetter
Adrian Cryan

2020-2021 Most Improved

Marin Walter
Maksim Millwood

2019-2020 Most Improved

Amber Maynard
Harlow Wilson

2018-2019 Most Improved

Iulian Ovod-Everett
Anna Green

2017-2018 Most Improved

Taryn Miller
Reuben Jeffers

2016-2017 Most Improved

Lola Woodward
Dylan Autrey/Spencer Hemry (tied)

2015-2016 Most Improved

Mia Rossi
William Reinbold

2014-2015 Most Improved

Hailey Hand
Thomas Hartman

2013-2014 Most Improved

Kennedy Kane
Eli Seaver

2012-2013 Most Improved

Lexi Patten
Kai Penn

2011-2012 Most Improved

Emily Workman
Ryan Brubaker