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Race Rules

Mighty Mites use USSA non-scored event guidelines.

Our goal is to build racer confidence in a safe environment. We encourage all Mighty Mite racers to finish each race, regardless of falls or missed gates, to build a sense of accomplishment. Athletes who miss a gate in a GS or Slalom are encouraged to hike to complete the gate if possible and will not be disqualified. However, if a racer loses a ski they are not allowed to finish and should exit the race course with their equipment for safety reasons.

Reruns are given for interference or for technical difficulties and are determined by the race officials. Racers who believe they were interfered with should report to their coach, or another available coach. Gate Keepers may advise the racer on missed gates. During any two-run races, a racer who is disqualified (DQ) in the first run will be allowed to run the second run normally within their group. DQ’s will be posted after the second run.

Groups that are not scheduled to race first can ski practice courses if they’ve been set, or free ski in the area. Coaches will need to determine if there is time to ski on the upper mountain given the race schedule. If the race plan includes a one-run race the Coaches will plan for an afternoon of free skiing once their participants have raced and had lunch.

Parents can watch our Live-Timing.com Software Application to see what athletes have raced and anticipate the start of their children. Live-Timing provides initial race times as racers finish; however, those initial times are NOT official. Many athletes can be disqualified for missing a gate once the Gate Keepers turn in their gate cards after the race, and recalculations can occur due to technical difficulties. Therefore, it is important to WAIT to celebrate your children’s race finishes until the Awards Ceremony at the end of the day. Additionally, it is critical that families join in on cheering all the athletes at the finish!


There are a total of four pointed races throughout the season. Award medals are given to the three fastest girls and three fastest boys in each animal group, with recognition given to the top 5 finishers. Points will be awarded in pointed races for the first through fifth positions respectively: 10-7-5-4-3. Season trophies are based on the four pointed race finishes.

The Tanaka Award, given at the end of the year banquet, is awarded to the boy and girl that the coaches believe exemplify excellence in sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is marked by a positive attitude no matter the weather or conditions, encouragement given to fellow racers, helpfulness to coaches and volunteers, politeness, and respectfulness of authority.

The Most Improved Award, also given at the end of the year banquet, goes to the Mighty Mite boy and girl who have shown the most improvement for that year.

Finally, each racer is awarded a T-shirt and season medal for just participating! Above all, the Mighty Mite experience is meant to be fun. The program is designed to encourage children to be all mountain skiers and not just racers!